Kristina Hone is an Australian born Singer, Songwriter, Executive Music Producer and Recording Artist from Melbourne.

Having always had a love for music from an early age, Kristina decided to pursue her talents. She trained in Classical and Pop vocal techniques, studying VCE music performance and theory. Kristina began active involvement in vocal competitions, choir and music performances as lead singer.

It was not until after leaving school that she was able to fully explore her musical style. Kristina often felt vocal training placed too strong an emphasis on technical perfection at the expense of losing connection with the song.

Vocal trainers suggested she would be well suited for Opera due to her voice type and vocal range (Coloratura Soprano, 5 octaves and whistle register). While this instilled her with the confidence to follow her dreams, ultimately her love for RnB/Soul music was much stronger as it allowed her the freedom to experiment with different vocal styling. During a long period of social isolation due to illness, Kristina found solace immersing herself in singing and songwriting.

Having finally found “her sound” she was able to pour her heart and soul into her music, letting the emotions speak. Up until this point she felt like she had been overly encouraged by vocal trainers to stick to singing songs that fit her vocal range at the expense of losing connection with the songs. RnB/Soul music enabled her to channel all of her experiences into something tangible to which others could relate.

A natural gravitation toward RnB/Soul music ensued but this time she says it felt “totally different”. She realised when listening to a lot of the pioneer soul singers that not only was she able to utilise her vocal power and range to sing the songs, for the first time she connected deeply to them. It was the perfect outlet during a challenging time.

Kristina is heavily involved in the entire process of music production from songwriting, music composition and the recording process, providing full control over the end product of her songs. She is currently under management with Melodic Music.

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